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Are you a parent or caregiver to a child with (possible) FASD?

FASD is considered a developmental disability. If you are Parenting a child with developmental disabilities, this can pose a series of challenges. Neuro-exceptional children may have unique needs, display unique behaviors, and have unique developmental milestones. This can make parenting feel like a constant search for resources and understanding.

Parenting for a spectrum condition such as FASD can be hard to predict. Each child may present with various indicators at different ages. It is a common experience for parents to feel more capable if they are connected to a community of supports that understand.

Accessing resources is dependent on having a clear understanding of their needs, which is best predicted with a medical diagnosis. In addition to trying to create the best environment for your child’s needs, you may face difficulties getting a diagnosis if you cannot confirm prenatal alcohol exposure.

We believe that all families, at all phases of their children’s lives, have the right to safe supports and a community of connections. Whether your child has an FASD diagnosis, or you suspect that this may be a factor impacting their development, we are here to help. You do not need a diagnosis for your child to talk with us.

As a caregiver, we believe that you deserve support as well. At ConnectFASD, we are here to listen and help connect you with others.

For more information about parenting for FASD, please view this fact sheet.

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