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Are you seeking to understand the Assessment Criteria?

Are you seeking to understand the Assessment Criteria?

To get an accurate diagnosis of FASD, a person must meet with several doctors and counsellors to learn about their unique physical, cognitive, and developmental abilities.

FASD is a spectrum disorder, which means that prenatal alcohol exposure can cause mild, moderate, or acute conditions.

Acute cases are the easiest to identify. In mild and moderate conditions, a person may have gone for several years without considering FASD. This is often referred to as a hidden disability.

FASD is a lifelong condition, and persons impacted by FASD describe some form of challenges in daily living. If you have become concerned that you, or someone you care for, may have FASD, it can help to understand the assessment criteria to open doors.

It is essential to confirm that alcohol was consumed during some phase of pregnancy to be diagnosed. The characteristics associated with FASD are specific to prenatal exposure to alcohol. This can be a challenge if you do not have prenatal history.

A diagnosis is not needed to talk to someone at ConnectFASD.

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For more information about FASD assessment and diagnosis, please view this fact sheet.

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