To talk to someone who understands FASD call 1-866-601 FASD (3273)
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Are you looking for an assessment/diagnosis for (possible) FASD?

Are you wondering where you can access a referral for Assessment?

If you are considering the possibility that you, or someone you care for, may be impacted by FASD, the first place to start can be a trusted family doctor.

Your doctor cannot perform the diagnosis in their clinic, but they can be a good place to start seeking answers to questions.

Once prenatal alcohol exposure is confirmed, it can take a period of time to gain access to a clinic or program that can do a full assessment. We are here to listen, and help.

There are specialized programs for diagnosis available in the Calgary urban and rural areas.
Some programs are dependent on age, and others serve both children and adults. Sometimes there are costs associated with these services, so getting connected to an agency that understands FASD can help you to find funding supports for your income level.

There may be wait times for some funding, or diagnosis clinics. While you are waiting, we will remain an open door for you to talk about your journey.

For more information about FASD assessment and diagnosis, please view this fact sheet.

All of our fact sheets can be found here.