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Are you looking for Assessment / Diagnosis for (possible) FASD?

For a person impacted by FASD, having the right supports can make all the difference in achieving your best life.

But to gain access to those supports, many services require a confirmed FASD diagnosis. This can present a real obstacle if you are seeking help for yourself or someone you care for.

We are here to help.

At ConnectFASD we believe you should have a safe person to talk to at all stages of your journey. This includes steps you take to gain an understanding of FASD.

If you have become aware that you or someone you care for were prenatally exposed to alcohol, you may be reflecting on the past and wondering how this has impacted your life. These can be very isolating thoughts; you are not alone.

Research tells us that having a confirmed diagnosis (and access to the supports that this brings) results in better lived outcomes for persons with FASD.

We are committed to bringing together people and professionals for a community of care.

For more information about FASD assessment and diagnosis, see our fact sheet here.

All of our fact sheets can be found here.