To talk to someone who understands FASD call 1-866-601 FASD (3273)
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Are you a Caregiver to a Child with (possible) FASD?

Are you looking for Parent Support and Advocacy

Professional supports for caregivers knowledgeable about FASD and talking to peers who share your lived experiences are vital to helping your family thrive. At ConnectFASD we aim to help you build a network with both.

Other parents who have encountered similar challenges can be a significant resource for finding hope in your situation. ConnectFASD is here to support you and listen to your family’s needs. We aim to facilitate building connections to other parent groups, mentors, and online resources to be a part of a community of support.

Through connection, we can learn and grow together and celebrate each other’s trials and triumphs.

ConnectFASD believes that a community of unified voices helps all persons with disabilities. We are committed to helping create opportunities for like minds with like goals to support one another and come together.

For more information about parenting for FASD, please view this fact sheet.

All of our fact sheets can be found here.