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Are you curious about FASD information and systems?

Are you interested in information about legal, justice, corrections, and enforcement systems?

Are you interested in information about legal, justice, corrections and enforcement systems?

For a person who is neuro-exceptional, the justice system can seem intimidating and hard to understand. We understand that some people who have FASD may have had concerns with the law.

This can happen because of:

  • Difficulty managing impulses.
  • Difficulty controlling strong emotions.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Difficulty understanding some laws.
  • Memory problems, such as forgetting to make a purchase or pay a fine.
  • Difficulty predicting the results of some decisions.

Sometimes, having someone you can trust to talk to can make all the difference. At ConnectFASD we are here to listen and help find solutions.

You have the right to supports and legal representation help with strategies that fit your unique needs. You also have the right to talk to an advocate who understands FASD. 

For more information about people with FASD and justice system, please view this fact sheet.

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