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Are you a professional seeking information about FASD?

As a professional, accessing training, information, and support, and connecting with expertise within your fields can pose a significant strain on your time and resources.

At ConnectFASD, we aim to bring together leading industry information in one unified source, supporting professionals in the greater Calgary urban and rural areas who help clients with FASD and their natural supports.

This program aims to connect individuals, families, caregivers, service providers, and community members with research, strategies, toolkits, collaborations, and resources through one reliable local channel for knowledge and understanding.

If you work in human services, research indicates that you are likely to encounter a need to understand FASD. In Canada, approximately 4% of the population is estimated to have FASD.

However, representation of this population in systems such as Child Welfare, Justice, and Homeless Serving agencies is higher. Individuals with FASD are more likely to experience difficulties with mental health, substance abuse, and to be victims of interpersonal violence than the general population, if unsupported.

We believe that an informed service delivery sector will be better able to meet the needs, mitigate adverse outcomes, and feel capable of supporting individuals with FASD.

For more information about providing services for FASD, see our fact sheet here.

All of our fact sheets can be found here.

You will find resources, strategies, training, and research that are beneficial for:

  • Social Service Providers

  • Crisis Intervention Workers

  • Medical professionals - Doctors, Nurses, Researchers, Psychiatrists

  • Psychologists

  • Educators, teachers, professors

  • Shelter and Homeless Program employees

  • Justice systems employee - Enforcement officers, Police, Lawyers, Probation and Correction officers, Honorable Judges

  • Front line service employees, and…

  • Individuals working with any vulnerable populations.

We are here to help you connect.