To talk to someone who understands FASD call 1-866-601 FASD (3273)
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Are you a person with (possible) FASD seeking help?

Are you wondering who can help?

People with FASD have unique strengths and unique challenges, and finding people who understand can make the challenges feel more manageable. We are here to help.

In order to enjoy the things you are best at and feel supported, we believe you have the right to feel connected to a community that cares about your well-being and understands what it means to be impacted by FASD.

There are supports available to you for school, employment skills, and parenting mentors.

We are here to listen and help you find the right people to help on your journey.

For more information about me with FASD, please view this fact sheet.

All of our fact sheets can be found here.

If you have a diagnosis of FASD, you may have:

  • Difficulty remembering things like appointments, schoolwork, job duties, and other things that may put a strain on relationships with friends, family, and professionals.

  • Difficulty following long sets of rules or instructions, even though you try.

  • Difficulty with decisions and knowing what is the best course of action for you.

But you may also have:

  • A strong vocabulary,

  • A good ability to keep a routine,

  • Artistic skills,

  • Athletic skills,

  • Resiliency,

  • A strong desire to build connections to others.

  • And many other abilities that you contribute to your community.