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How we protect your privacy:

When you call the ConnectFASD line, or chat with us, it is important that you understand what we do with your information.

At ConnectFASD we want you to feel safe to connect with us, so here are some things you should know:

ConnectFASD is operated by two partnering agencies:

… so when you call or chat with us, you may be talking to someone from either agency.

What does this mean? Call us to learn more: 1-866-601-FASD (3273)

We will do our best to keep the information here up to date, but if government regulations change, we will have to follow their most recent guidelines.


We also want you to know that the safety of our team members is very valuable to us, while they are here to help you.  This means that we will need to end a call if there is any threat of harm or abuse to our dedicated staff.


At ConnectFASD we want you to feel informed about anything that affects your safety and privacy, and if you want to ask more about what these things mean in your unique situation, we are here to help.