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Are you a person with (possible) FASD seeking help?

Are you recently diagnosed with FASD? Now what?

If you have recently been diagnosed with FASD, you have probably been undergoing assessment through a specialized clinic. This can involve preparing yourself for the outcome.

Having the affirmation that you have FASD can create a series of reactions. You may feel relieved to have an answer to explain your neurodiversity, and you may have heavy emotions about what it means.

Research tells us that having a diagnosis means that you will have better access to supportive and specialized FASD informed services with better opportunities and outcomes. However, you may be concerned about what it means to be diagnosed with a developmental disability or fear stigmatization.

We are here to listen.

You may feel uncertain about your next steps to living your best life and be looking for direction and reassurances.

Every journey is unique, and you may need to talk about your experiences, history, and future once or several times to create a direction.

We can help connect you with supports and listen to your story.

For more information about people with FASD, please view this fact sheet.

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